Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Lift Kit

Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Lift Kit

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Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Lift Kit – Upgrade Your Ford Bronco With a Lift Kit | If you’re looking to upgrade your Ford Bronco, you may want to consider a lift kit that will give your truck a little more clearance.

These kits can add about a half-inch of lift and can help to increase your vehicle’s off-road ability. Rough Country is one company that makes a great kit for the sport, which includes both offset design and a Co-Pilot360 Assist+ package.

Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Lift Kit

Price of a fully loaded 2022 Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Lift Kit

If you want to be a bit more off-road-friendly, the Ford Bronco Sport is available in a range of special edition trims. These models feature all-terrain tires and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, as well as extra hardware for off-road use. They also come with two driving modes that help you optimize your ride.

The Bronco comes in four-door and two-door body styles. The two-door model is more compact, and has less cargo space. However, it’s still capable of towing between 2000 and 2200 pounds.

The Bronco Sport’s turbocharged four-cylinder is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. In addition, the vehicle has a removable roof, all-terrain tires, and an advanced all-wheel-drive system.

The Badlands and First Edition trims are designed with a higher ground clearance. Both have a new rear ground clearance of 10.5 to 11 inches. Their suspensions are lifted at the factory, and they will sit higher than the base Bronco.

Ford has also introduced the Sasquatch package, which is available on all of the trims except the Raptor. It adds heavy-duty Blistein monotube shocks and front and rear locking differentials. All of these features cost about $500 more than the standard trim.

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Ford also offers a Black Diamond Off-Road package on the Bronco Sport. This includes 17-inch gray wheels, hood and bodyside graphics, and steel bash plates.

Another option is the Wildtrak trim, which features several interior/tech enhancements. It has styled LED lighting and high-clearance fender flares. A hardtop is optional for the 4-door model.

The fully loaded 2022 Bronco is priced at around $100,000. It comes equipped with a leather interior, premium sound system, and a sunroof. Some of the optional packages include a universal garage door opener and dual automatic climate control.

Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Lift Kit

Offset design

Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Lift Kit

When it comes to modifying your Bronco for fun and function, there’s little doubt that a suspension lift is the way to go. While there are several options to choose from, choosing one that is designed to suit your individual needs is a cinch.

A quality suspension lift will help you get the most out of your ride, which in turn will allow you to enjoy the road less traveled.

Of course, you don’t have to do it alone, Performance Corner(r) – r’s installation services will be there to lend a hand. The best part is that it’s affordable, so you won’t break the bank.

It’s worth noting that not all lift kits are created equal, so you’ll want to do your homework before you buy. Aside from the usual suspects, it’s best to go with a reputable vendor that has a no-fee guarantee.

One such option is Performance Corner(r), which specializes in Bronco modifications of all kinds. From a simple front end lift to a full frame subframe drop, Performance Corner(r) has the expertise to handle the heavy lifting for you.

Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or a comprehensive install, they can handle it all. They even offer a few tips and tricks to boot.

With the best price on the best products, Performance Corner(r) will make your ride a better place to be. Plus, they’re open seven days a week, so you can work your magic when you need to. If you’re in the market for a Bronco snob, you’ve come to the right place.

Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Lift Kit

Performance improvements

Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Lift Kit

If you’re looking to improve your Bronco Sport’s off-road capabilities, consider upgrading to a lift kit. Lift kits raise your vehicle’s center of gravity, which improves breakover and departure angles. They also allow you to add more aggressive tires.

Several companies offer lift kits for the Ford Bronco. Bilstein’s “Tuned by Ford Performance” coil-over assembly packages cost around $2,100. These kits come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Another company is Daystar. Their 1″ Lift Kit adds a modest 1-inch of lift, without sacrificing ride quality. The kit features a high-density progressive polyurethane that absorbs noise. It is manufactured in Phoenix, AZ.

CGS Performance Products specializes in intake and exhaust systems. Their exterior upgrades include bumper and hitch enhancements, underbody light kits, and a rear seat vault. Interior touches include custom paint by Flyin’ Irons Designs.

BDS Suspensions is a longtime Ford builder. They’ve added their own touch to the 2021 two-door Black Diamond series Bronco. The company’s creation features a four-inch UCA system. This provides extra clearance for aftermarket wheels and tires.

In addition to the suspension lift, the Badlands package includes an under-floor safe, cargo area protector, and premium interior organizer. Also included is a JBL sound bar.

Finally, the Heritage Limited Edition offers white-painted trim pieces. It also features 29-inch all-terrain tires.

Regardless of which lift kit you choose, you’ll need to make sure you maintain correct axle alignment. Lift kits are an easy way to boost your off-road performance, but they can cause unnecessary wear on your vehicle’s components. You should check with your dealership to find out if you need a camber adjustment.

Ford has recently updated its Bronco Sport model line, which now includes a Black Diamond Off-Road package. This is available for both the Outer Banks and Big Bend models.

Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Lift Kit

Co-Pilot360 Assist+ package

Ford Bronco Sport models include the Co-Pilot360 Assist+ package, which adds an array of driver assistance features to the new crossover. The package includes Lane Centering, Evasive Steering Assist, and a voice-activated navigation system.

A number of standard convenience features are also included with the Bronco Sport. Features like power door locks and windows, Bluetooth connectivity, and an 8-inch touch screen are available.

Adding the Premium Package and Tech Package provides even more amenities. Additional features include a B&O sound system, wireless charging pad, and a power moonroof.

Bronco Sport models are equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Its rotary gear shifter is located between the front seats.

Active grille shutters help improve aerodynamics at high speeds. They are also designed to help protect the front end from debris.

There are five different modes. G.O.A.T. mode allows you to adjust the settings to match the environment. Bronco Sport also has a variety of other standard safety features. Some of the most notable features include a rearview camera, blind spot monitor, and a post-crash alert system.

Other features include four-wheel drive and all-season tires. The interior offers a comfortable and quiet ride. Whether you are exploring the woods or navigating urban traffic, the interior of the Bronco has plenty of space for your passengers and cargo.

The Ford Bronco Sport is an excellent option for anyone looking for a small SUV. It comes equipped with a slew of advanced safety features, such as the Ford CoPilot360 Assist+ package, and it has plenty of off-road capabilities as well.

The Badlands trim adds to the standard features with off-road-specific hardware, such as an off-road suspension, aluminum underbody skidplates, and softer springs. It has additional off-road modes, as well as a 180-degree off-road camera system.

Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Lift Kit

Rough Country’s 1.5″ lift kit

A 1 inch lift and a bit of tinkering with the chassis will take your ’06 Bronco to new heights in the blink of an eye. However, a full suspension replacement will be a costly exercise in its own right.

So, a quick and inexpensive spacer-based lift kit is a good idea. The best part is you won’t have to sacrifice a comfortable ride.

The Ford Bronco Sport has a relatively small wheelbase and a low ride height. It’s no wonder the manufacturer’s engineers chose to focus their energies on a few things: handling, safety, and style.

Luckily, there are a few companies out there willing to help out. Among them is Rough Country. Not only is their product line stocked with the aforementioned spacer-based lifts, they also provide a wide range of performance tires.

Their selection includes everything from the popular BFGoodrich All-Terrain off-road treads to the more upscale Goodyear mud tires.

They even offer a few specialty wheels and a few special editions of their most popular tires. Considering the price and selection, the decision is an easy one. Buying a lift kit from Rough Country will leave you with a new ride you’ll love for years to come.

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