Ford Maverick Track Review [ pros and cons ]

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Ford Maverick Track Review | If you are looking for a new SUV, then you may want to check out the Ford Maverick Track.

This compact SUV is both nimble and lightweight, and its long wheelbase gives it a pleasing Goldilocks suspension. It doesn’t have Porsche-level road feedback, but you will still love this vehicle. Here are some pros and cons:

Ford Maverick Track Review

#Compact SUV

Despite the Maverick’s modest price tag, it’s not all about style and utility. Its boxy cab provides exceptional visibility and offers ample space for cargo.

The windows are big and squarish, and they’re equipped with integrated blind-spot mirrors. Though the Maverick isn’t filled with tech features, it does come with a large, eight-inch touchscreen and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration. Although it doesn’t have a standard stereo, its interior is spacious and has a luxurious feel.

While the Maverick doesn’t have the best ride quality, it’s still a comfortable SUV. It rides smoothly, thanks to a torsion-beam rear suspension, which is more comfortable on rough roads.

The seats are firmly padded and supportive, but hard plastic door panels are uncomfortable on a long journey. Its rear seats don’t offer much legroom, and there’s little room under the front seats.

The bed on the Maverick is 4.5 feet long and features a removable multi-use drinking bottle holder and 110-volt plug for hooking up lights.

You can also build tie-down tracks and bed dividers yourself, thanks to the molded-in pocket for 2×4 lumber. Ford provides optional accessories and suggestions for DIY tie-down tracks to add to your Maverick’s bed. A bed cover is also available, which can be attached to the bed wall.

The Maverick offers better off-road capabilities thanks to its four-wheel drive system. Its smaller turning circle and longer wheelbase make it more maneuverable than its rivals.

The bed can carry full sheets of plywood. When it comes to payload, the Maverick offers more room than the Toyota Tacoma, which can’t carry full sheets of plywood. It also offers a large cargo space. However, its higher price tag also means a higher cost.


The Ford Maverick Track hybrid is one of the most advanced crossover SUVs on the market. The hybrid version is capable of driving up to 145 mph. It also boasts a powerful hybrid powertrain, with a combined 420 horsepower.

It is also one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles of its kind. The company sold 10,550 Mavericks this year, according to the Detroit Bureau. Ford is focusing on delivering the fuel-efficient trucklet to customers at a reasonable price.

The interior is well-designed, with thoughtful storage cubbies and easy-to-clean plastics. The dashboard displays trip data, audio info, and off-road status.

A 6.5-inch touchscreen gives drivers an overview of the vehicle’s vital information. Standard safety features include automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection.

The Maverick’s cabin is very easy to navigate with its touchscreen and few buttons. However, there is still room for improvement.

Ford Maverick Track Review

#All-wheel drive

The Ford Maverick Track All-wheel drive has an intelligent control system that monitors the terrain and applies braking power to the inside rear wheel when necessary.

This helps ensure that the vehicle is oriented as intended, even in deep snow. The Maverick’s system also reduces understeer and improves steering.

It can also work in’sleep mode,’ which saves fuel by running in a low-torque state when the car does not require traction.

The Maverick’s all-wheel-drive system uses a continuously variable transmission for a smooth ride. It is situated between the front seats and has a rubberized finish.

It does not seem particularly convenient, as it takes up precious space, and a column shifter would free up the console.

The interior trim levels are XLT and Lariat. The XLT is a little softer and cushier than the Lariat, and seems like overkill for such a modest vehicle.

The Maverick also excels in interior storage. Its SuperCrew cab seats five with a fold-up rear bench. The interior is also well-designed, with an eight-inch touchscreen, two cupholders, and a center console bin for the optional wireless charger.

There’s also a litter box and a deep bin for a tall, refillable water bottle. If you’re looking for the most utility in your new Ford Maverick, look no further than this SUV.

While the Ford Maverick isn’t a category-shattering innovation machine, it is a re-imagined idea that could only be revived with hybrid technology.

Without a base hybrid system, the Maverick is too small to make a profit without it. However, the hybrid system helps meet fuel economy targets and reduce overall footprint. It is a good option for many buyers.

#Long wheelbase

The Ford Maverick has a 68.7-inch wheelbase and a tall roofline. The pickup truck is shorter and narrower than the Ford Ranger, and is easier to maneuver.

The bed is 4.5 feet long, with up to ten tie-down points and four D-rings. It also features dual covered bins and aluminum rails. A long wheelbase and high ground clearance also make the Ford Maverick a good work vehicle.

The Maverick is relatively lightweight, weighing between 3,563 and 3,731 pounds. It also has a long wheelbase, compared to the Honda Ridgeline’s 111.9-inch wheelbase.

Despite its long wheelbase, the Ford Maverick still offers a comfortable ride, but don’t expect to get Porsche-level road feedback. That said, it’s still a truck, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a workhorse or a family rig.

The Ford Maverick is a good mid-size SUV with great utility. Its fuel economy is superior to the average crossover, but the cargo capacity is more appropriate for real-world use. It’s also affordable.

The Maverick lacks a hybrid drivetrain with all-wheel-drive, but Ford is monitoring demand for this configuration, and is considering it for future models. This is a great way to see if the Maverick will be a success or not.

Another benefit of the Maverick is its pickup bed. Its FLEXBED features metal and a spray-in liner. The bed is wide enough to fit a pallet of mulch or a four-by-eight-sheet of plywood. It has ten tie-downs on the bed, with one in the tailgate, making it even more convenient to tow large objects.

Ford Maverick Track Review

#Comfortable ride

The cabin is well-designed and offers a comfortable ride. The front seats have ample bolstering and the second-row seat offers up to 36.9 inches of legroom, more than the F-150 SuperCab or Ranger SuperCrew.

The cabin also has four phone storage spots and a minimalist shifter. Ford engineers were methodical when designing the cabin, but made it fun for the whole family.

The interior of the Ford Maverick is incredibly comfortable. While it sports a plastic dash and hard plastic doors, designers have carved out usable cubbies in every square inch.

This helps to create an uncluttered cabin, as there are no cluttered cubbies. The center console nooks come with rubber inserts, which are appreciated in a pickup truck. Its streamlined design has been praised for its rugged life.

A standard 4.2-inch touchscreen provides excellent audio and navigational capabilities. The Ford Maverick is also standard with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which makes the car even more useful.

The Ford Maverick is available in two different trim levels, XL. Depending on the trim level you choose, the XL is a more basic vehicle.

It comes standard with air conditioning and bucket front seats. The interior also comes standard with a tilt/telescopic steering wheel and a 4.2-inch multi-information display.

The Ford Maverick also has a six-speaker audio system and FordPass Connect, which provides access to information on your phone.

The Ford Maverick’s hybrid powertrain delivers ample power, and the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine delivers sufficient acceleration under load.

The vehicle is comfortable in everyday driving, but the vehicle does tend to feel a bit delayed. The car also feels imprecise, which is similar to the Bronco Sport Badlands. However, the driver will have to be vigilant when driving on the Ford Maverick track.

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