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Hydrema Dump Truck Expand Dealer Network catdumptruck.com | The Hydrema dump truck is the newest in the industry and is definitely worth a look if you have been looking for a new model. It is known for its ability to handle off-road conditions and its stability. Plus, it has a brand-new dealer network.

Hydrema Dump Truck


Hydrema Dump Truck

The Hydrema dump truck is a highly versatile piece of equipment. This articulated machine is known for its robustness, ease of use, and reliability. It is used to move heavy materials in construction sites.

The Hydrema 912G series is ideal for many applications. It offers a compact chassis with excellent visibility and efficiency. It is also well-suited for off-road work.

The 912G features an advanced hydraulic stabilizer, which allows the dump truck to transfer weight to the proper location. In addition, it has a swiveling body and low turning radius.

Hydrema also offers a MultiChassis version, which can be fitted with customized solutions. With a maximum load capacity of 7 tons, it offers high-quality performance.

Hydrema 707G features a 3.8-litre Stage 5 Cummins diesel engine. Its hydrostatic transmission allows the truck to reach speeds of up to 34 km/h. A one-step-entry system makes it easy for operators to enter the truck. Another advantage is its cab’s air conditioning and suspension.

Unlike other dump trucks, the Hydrema 707G has a cab that is suspended from the frame. This ensures that the operator doesn’t have to spend his or her energy stuck in mud.

In terms of safety, the 707G comes with a multi-function joystick integrated into the right armrest. Using the joystick, the operator can easily control the functions of the main dumper.

When the operator leaves the vehicle, an automatic battery isolator shuts off all the electric systems. Hydrema also offers the option to install an automatic central greasing kit. These systems take care of lubrication and prevent oil from dripping on the ground.

Hydrema has a wide range of models to choose from, including the small 7-tonne class. Each model is designed for a specific job. You can even customize the colour to fit your needs.

Operating qualities

Hydrema Dump Truck

Hydrema dump trucks are designed with superior performance and reliability. This type of truck is especially suited to low ground pressure and soft terrains. It is perfect for construction sites and industrial applications.

Hydrema offers a wide range of articulated dump trucks, each with unique features and exceptional performance. These machines can be configured with most any setup. They can work in a high rail mode and they can be fitted with a front three-point hitch. The machine can also be used as a water truck.

Hydrema dump trucks are the best in the industry in terms of power-to-weight ratio, stability, and noise levels. In addition, the trucks are manufactured to comply with UK safety standards.

The Hydrema 912E is an entry-level model in the line of articulated compact dump trucks. It is equipped with a 6 speed ZF Soft-Shift transmission. It has a user-friendly design with great maneuverability.

Hydrema is an international group of companies that produces high-quality and high-tech earthmoving equipment. They produce wheeled excavators, military equipment, and dump trucks. Their factory is located in Stovring near Aalborg in the north of Denmark.

Hydrema’s 912G articulated compact dump truck has a multi-functional joystick that provides intuitive control of main dumper functions.

The cab is suspended, making the truck comfortable for operators. The chassis is equipped with a multi-tip tip and an oscillated pivot joint. Hydrema’s 912G dump trucks are available in two MultiChassis models.

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With its advanced braking and suspension systems, Hydrema dump trucks are a favorite on construction sites. They have a long service life and are extremely durable.

Furthermore, they have an excellent power-to-weight ratio and a lower fuel consumption. Using Hydrema dump trucks will help you to save time, money, and energy.
Stability even on inclines

As with any vehicle, the Hydrema dump truck is designed with stability in mind. This particular model comes with the aforementioned centre pivot point, electro-hydraulic suspension and level control on both front wheels.

These are all good measures for a stable and balanced weight distribution. In the end, you get a truck that is not only safe to operate, but can carry a whopping 10 tonnes of material.

If you are considering a new hauler, consider the Hydrema 912FS, it is designed to be one of the safest and most efficient vehicles you can buy.

With this machine, you can maintain a consignment on a 32 degree slope with relative ease. The hydraulic stabilisation system is a godsend.

For more stable performance, you can take advantage of the optional front three-point hitch. You can mount brushes and snow blades on this impressive machine.

Hydrema’s latest offering also boasts of being the company’s most powerful machine to date. Thanks to its redesigned engine and transmission, the machine is far more powerful than its predecessor, and the powertrain also enables a smoother ride.

Despite being more powerful, the machine is still relatively quiet, making it an excellent choice for a business with an office and a home. Its low ground pressure also makes it an excellent choice for working in soft terrain, whether that’s grass or asphalt.

Among the other benefits of this machine are a low fuel consumption and the most efficient power system. In fact, a Hydrema 912FS has been known to run for over eight hours despite carrying a load of 5,000 tons of material. Compared to its rivals, the 912F is a clear winner when it comes to productivity.

Off-road performance

Hydrema Dump Truck

Hydrema dump trucks are designed to offer off-road performance, reliability and durability. Their heavy-duty bogie rear axles and electronic suspension ensure that the vehicle provides excellent driving capabilities and stability. They are ideal for heavy-duty earthmoving operations in soft terrains.

The Hydrema 912G articulated compact dump truck is known for its high-quality and robustness. It also features a multi-functional joystick that gives easy fingertip control of main dumper functions. A rear-facing camera offers reversing functionality. This truck is built to ensure that operators are safe, comfortable and productive.

With a payload of 10 tons, the Hydrema 912 series is a compact dump truck. It has a 5.6 cubic metre body, which is large enough to hold a variety of different cargo.

This truck is suitable for remote work sites and rough terrains. In addition, the truck comes with hydraulic stabilizers that allow the truck to transfer its weight to the proper location.

Hydrema has also designed its dump trucks to be low-pressure, so they can be operated on soft and primitive surfaces. These vehicles come with an oscillated pivot joint that helps the dump truck maintain stability during inclines and maneuvering in narrow spaces.

Hydrema 912G series models provide smart features that ensure maximum efficiency and visibility. For example, the Hydrema 912G-Series model’s rear-facing camera and multi-functional joystick can be easily controlled from the right armrest.

Other useful features include a switch-operated tipping throttle and an inclination sensor that shows the angle of the dump truck’s gradient.

Hydrema’s 707G series models are also available in a MultiChassis version, which enables the truck to be mounted with customized solutions. The new truck is powered by a Cummins F3.8 Performance Series engine.

New dealer network

Hydrema, a Danish manufacturer of articulated dump trucks, has expanded its dealer network in Canada. It has added Boyd Equipment Ltd., a family owned company that specializes in the sale of heavy equipment, to its list of dealers in Atlantic Canada.

The company also recently appointed MGMT Group to represent the company in the lower mainland of British Columbia.

Hydrema’s new North American headquarters is in Alpharetta, Georgia. The new building has a total of 24,500 square feet of space, including warehouse, office, and parts storage. This will allow the company to more effectively support its construction business in the United States and Canada.

During the grand opening ceremony, executives from Hydrema, including Lone Mohrsen Jensen, attended the event. In addition, the company hosted an excavator rodeo, in which visitors got to ride a dump truck as it pulled an excavator. A building tour was also part of the day, which offered a glimpse into the company’s manufacturing facility.

As part of its expansion, Hydrema has established a strong dealer network of 22 locations in 24 states. M&D Truck and Equipment Sales is one of those dealers.

Founded in 2001 by Mike and Dan Lambert, this company specializes in attachments, truck and equipment sales, and farm equipment.

The company also carries Case and Kage snow removal systems, Tiger mowers, and Screen Machine. Moreover, Monroe Tractor relocated its Worcester, Massachusetts location to Westborough, Massachusetts.

Hydrema’s 912HM dump truck offers exceptional accessibility. This model’s unique 1.6 foot extended rear half features a suspension front axle.

It is ideal for working on rough terrain and delicate surfaces. Despite its small dimensions, the Hydrema 912HM has a maximum weight capacity of 22,000 pounds and a travel speed of 24 miles per hour.

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