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John Deere Articulated Dump Truck

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John Deere Articulated Dump Truck – Choosing an Articulated Dump Truck | If you are in the market for a new dump truck, you might want to look into an articulated model.

These machines are very effective and offer a wide variety of options. For example, you can get a 260E or 460E dump truck. In addition, you can also find articulated models from Comatsu.

John Deere Articulated Dump Truck


John Deere Articulated Dump Truck

If you are looking for a highly productive and efficient articulated dump truck, consider the John Deere 260E. It features upgraded axles and chassis, as well as a redesigned cab that has been adapted for comfort.

This model of articulated dump truck is capable of pulling 25 tons of payload. Moreover, it provides a drawbar pull of up to 115,000 pounds. In addition, it comes with a powerful diesel engine that provides superior performance.

Another key feature is its high-alloy steel dump body that delivers superior strength and rigidity. The cab is also designed for comfort, with a wide entryway and air-ride seat. On the inside, the LCD screen is equipped with digital gauges, as well as vital system indicators.

Additionally, the cab features a reversing camera. This image can be displayed on an in-cab monitor, helping the operator to see where he’s going.

As with most articulated dump trucks, it also offers automatic rollover protection. That’s because its rear chassis is able to lift and lower automatically, preventing the dump body from falling over.

An optional onboard weighing system can also be installed. This is factory calibrated and will provide an accurate weight reading when the payload exceeds 50 percent.

You can use this calibration to determine daily production levels, ensuring your vehicle is operating at its maximum payload for each pass.

These models are equipped with a ZF transmission that consists of eight forward gears and four reverse gears. They provide reliable, smooth operation even in harsh operating environments.

For added safety, the 260E ADT is equipped with features such as an inter-axle differential lock that improves traction on rough sections of the job site. It also features a hydraulically actuated wet disc brake in all three axles.

For improved performance and reduced fuel costs, the 260E is also fitted with automatic shutdown. With this, the engine is automatically shut down once the truck stops, lowering fuel costs while reducing noise on site.

Other features include onboard diagnostics, a load assist option, and an auto dump. All of these features are easy to use and maintain, making the 260E an ideal choice for inexperienced users.


John Deere Articulated Dump

The John Deere 460E articulated dump truck is one of the largest heavy-duty hauling vehicles in North America. It is designed for heavy-duty mining, highway and aggregate applications. This machine comes with an on-board payload scale system that helps the operator track the weight of the load.

Another great feature is the integrated tire pressure monitoring system. Not only will this help maximize tire life, but it will also deliver alerts through the JDLink online machine monitoring service.

Other cool features on the 460E include a reversible fan, a remote park-brake release, a redesigned electrical and hydraulic systems and a ten-percent reduction in electric and hydraulic routings. For additional convenience, the redesigned engine cooling system boasts a cool on demand feature.

In addition to all the standard features, the 460E also offers a new ejector body solution that is capable of spreading the load over a given area. This is especially helpful when the load is on a steep grade or if it’s going to run along overhead powerlines.

As an added bonus, the 460E weighs 46 tons, which is the largest of its kind ever produced by the company. Moreover, it features three drive modes that optimize the drivetrain.

A redesigned, wider, and lighter dump body is also a notable feature. With this design upgrade, the 460E is able to cut down on fuel consumption by up to seven percent.

There are other notable features on the 460E, such as an on-board weighing system that can show the current weight of the load and a remote park-brake release.

This nifty device is especially handy in a jobsite where few of the trucks have access to public roads. These features make the 460E one of the safest large-capacity dump trucks on the market.Also, the 460E is one of the first heavy-duty machines to be equipped with a factory installed tire pressure monitoring system.

Overall, the John Deere 460E articulated truck is a well-designed and efficient machine that is built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty hauling. While it isn’t slated to hit the market until 2012, it is on its way.

John Deere Articulated Dump Truck

iSeekplant’s network of quality articulated dump truck suppliers

As the name suggests, an articulated dump truck (ADT) is a truck that has two independent chassis sections that can move and load heavy objects.

They are particularly useful for jobs where space is limited or inconvenient. ADTs are popular in mining, quarrying, and material handling.

There are also some models that can be driven on city streets. If you need an articulated truck for your next project, iSeekplant has the best network of suppliers.

There are many types of ADTs, and they vary in price, features, and quality. You will find three main manufacturers – Caterpillar, Komatsu, and Bell Trucks.

John Deere is a long-time heavy equipment manufacturer that has been around for almost 200 years. In addition to their tractors, they also manufacture a number of articulated dump trucks.

The E series is their latest offering, and it features the company’s newest gen – a 354 horsepower engine. It is also the first model to feature the company’s new patented HD Synthetic Transmission Fluid.

John Deere has produced some very slick products over the years, and an articulated dump truck is no exception. ADTs are capable of transporting large amounts of materials while at the same time saving you time and money on maintenance.

An articulated truck with the right equipment can be the best investment you make. Plus, the company has some nice touches such as a reversing camera, and a suite of safety features that help prevent accidents during reverse.

The company has also been known to put some extra effort into its axles, which can handle some of the rough and tumble of the jobsite.

For example, they are equipped with a ZF automatic differential lock, which improves stability on rough sections and provides a cross-axle locking option. All three axles are also fitted with hydraulic disc brakes.

One of the best things about a new E series model is that it has some of the most advanced telematics systems available on the market.

These units can transmit real-time data to the office, making it possible to track down problems and get your projects off the ground faster.

John Deere Articulated Dump Truck

Comatsu’s articulated dump truck portfolio

In the construction industry, articulated dump trucks, also known as rock trucks, are some of the most powerful and popular vehicles used on jobsites.

They can carry loads that would take dozens of traditional dump trucks to do. These trucks are also ideal for uneven terrain and tight corners.

Komatsu has a diverse portfolio of articulated dump trucks. Their HM300 is designed to haul 30 tons, while their HM350 delivers up to 44 US tons.

The HM350 is equipped with a maintenance-free oscillating hitch, two stage lift cylinders, and hydropneumatic suspension. It also features a wet multiple disc brake retarder.

John Deere offers five articulated dump truck models. The 460E is the largest and most operator friendly. ADTs are available in 18 cubic yards to 33.4 cubic yards of capacity. While the D and E series have fewer features, the E model is the newest in the line.

Articulating dump trucks can handle any kind of terrain. They are perfect for projects that require working on uneven or rocky surfaces. Also, they can be driven on city roads.

Komatsu articulated dump trucks are powered by an EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified engine. These engines build on the company’s leadership in technology and fuel efficiency. This helps reduce operating costs, while boosting performance and resale value.

The Komatsu HM350-2 is equipped with a hydropneumatic suspension, two-stage lift cylinders, and a wet multiple disc brake retarder. The HM350-2 also features a maintenance-free oscillating hitch.

ADTs are popular in many industries. For example, mining and quarrying are two industries that utilize these trucks on a regular basis.

Payload is also a factor. However, contractors who work on hard or steep ground may want to consider rigid-frame trucks instead.

Komatsu articulated dump trucks have a comfortable and ergonomic cab. It also provides great visibility for the operator.

The cab is mounted on top of viscous dampers that eliminate noise, making the working environment safer and more productive.

Comatsu articulated dump trucks are also equipped with selectable engine working modes. The Power mode is suitable for uphill-loaded travel, while Economy is suited to flat ground.

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