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Komatsu HD785

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Komatsu HD785 Rigid Frame Off-Highway Haul Truck | If you are looking for the perfect truck for your construction site, look no further than the Komatsu HD785 rigid frame off-highway haul truck. This type of truck is the most durable and safest on the market.

Komatsu HD785 Rigid Frame Off-Highway Haul Truck

Heavy-duty construction machinery

Komatsu HD785

The Komatsu HD785-8 off-highway haul truck is designed for high production mining operations. It is built for hauling 90-ton loads.

With an EPA Tier 4 Final compliant, direct injection turbo diesel engine and four-wheel oil-cooled disc brakes, it offers optimal performance and productivity for heavy equipment operators.

Komatsu HD785-8 off-highway construction machinery is equipped with a re-designed lighting system, a quick fuel fill coupler, and a hydraulic system that controls idle time.

A payload meter, ground level battery isolator, and advanced monitoring system are also included. These features are aimed at ensuring maximum comfort and productivity for the operator.

Moreover, Komatsu’s Advanced Transmission with Optimum Modulation Control System is standard on the Komatsu HD785-8. This system provides a smooth ride and reduces material spillage.

In addition, Komatsu’s Automatic Retard Speed Control (ARSC) allows the operator to set a desired downhill travel speed. As the machine moves downhill, the AP-FOUR retarder reduces tire lock. By minimizing tire-lock, the AP-FOUR prevents the machine body from pitching.

Additionally, the Komatsu HD785-8 has a fully automatic transmission with two reverse speeds. An anchored tie of points and a ground level battery isolator provide access to service lanyards.

Featuring a four-tract link axle suspension at the rear, the Komatsu HD785-7 is equipped with a Komatsu SAA12V140E-3 engine. It outputs 1,140 net horsepower. For a high-performance tractor, it also features a two-speed selective reverse gear.

Another feature of the Komatsu HD785-7 is its UP-DOWN control of the vessel. Its controller replicates the feel of power that comes with dump truck driving.

A KomVision all around machine monitoring system is standard on the Komatsu HD785-8. With six cameras, it gives the operator a bird’s eye view of the working area.

Furthermore, the KomVision two screen mode allows the operator to view the bird’s eye view and any of the six cameras at the same time.

Komatsu’s Advanced Traction Control System automatically applies brakes to each wheel and monitors the rear wheels for slippage. This system also prevents the back wheel from slipping, which in turn eliminates unnecessary fuel consumption.

Komatsu’s advanced monitoring system includes abnormality codes, oil and filter replacement hours, and oil and filter change intervals.

It helps operators to maximize the machine’s production time and minimize diagnostic times.
Rigid frame off-highway haul truck

Komatsu’s HD785-8 rigid frame off-highway haul truck is designed to ensure optimal productivity for heavy equipment operators.

It is ideal for mining, quarry, and aggregates applications. With a payload capacity of 101.6 tons, it is built for maximum production.

The Komatsu HD785-8 off-highway haul truck is equipped with a Tier 4 Final compliant 12-cylinder engine that produces 1,140 net horsepower.

This engine’s Optimal Modulation Control System (OMCS) adjusts shift performance depending on the load and demand.

The Komatsu HD785-8 off-highway truck also features Automatic Retard Speed Control (ARSC). In downhill travel, the system maintains the user-selected speed. It applies the brakes independently to each wheel to improve traction.

It is equipped with a seven-speed automatic transmission. All four wheels rely on oil-cooled multi-disc brakes for enhanced traction.

It is also equipped with KomVision, which is a six-camera monitoring system that provides a bird’s-eye view of the working area. A dedicated monitor shows the rearward view, while a separate monitor acts as a machine monitor.

In addition to these features, the Komatsu HD785-8 off-highway off-highway haul truck has been engineered to provide maximum comfort for heavy equipment operators.

It has several comfort features, including an air suspension operator seat that is heated. Also, it is equipped with LED lighting.

Lastly, the Komatsu HD785-8 off-highway has a tight turning radius. This helps the operator get a proper positioning for the work site.

To achieve this, the haul truck uses a McPherson strut type front suspension. There is a special A-arm between the wheels to increase the turning angle.

Other features on the Komatsu HD785-8 off-highway include a 78.5 cubic-yard dump body, rock body steel liners, a ground level battery isolator, and a starter isolator. These features allow for quiet operation.

The Komatsu HD785-8 off-highway also includes an Integrated Payload Meter. The payload meter analyzes the working conditions of the haul truck and helps manage the hauling cycle payloads. You can access the information via the internet.

Komatsu America’s HD785-8 off-highway is available at Kirby-Smith Machinery branches in Oklahoma. It is also available through Columbus Equipment Company.

Compared to other models, the Komatsu HD785-8 off-highway is a heavy-hitting hauler. It is a Tier 4 Final compliant truck that has the best horsepower of all North American trucks in this category.

Komatsu HD785

Environmentally conscious

Komatsu HD785 is a haul truck

The Komatsu HD785 is a haul truck made for high production mining, quarrying, and aggregate applications. It is designed to deliver a payload of 101.6 US tons, and features oil cooled, multiple disc brakes for excellent braking performance.

In addition, it has a large cab and an impressively long wheelbase, which provides superior driving comfort over rough terrain.

However, the Komatsu HD785 is not the only green machine in Komatsu’s product line. For example, Komatsu has incorporated biodiesel fuel blends up to B20 in its mining equipment, which is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, Komatsu has been steadily adding to its armada of trucks in the Indian market.

There are numerous other innovations and features in the HD785, but some of the most noteworthy include Komatsu Traction Control, which allows the operator to select the best gear for the job at hand.

This synchronized control system ensures that each wheel gets the best traction possible, and that the powertrain does not lose power in the process.

On the transmission side of things, Komatsu’s snazzy-looking ATOMiCS boasts a “skip-Shift” function, which reduces the loss of power during shifting. Other noteworthy features include a seven-forward-gear transmission, two reverse gears, and an automatic control system.

Komatsu has made a big splash in the construction market with its trucks. First introduced in Indonesia in 2006, Komatsu trucks are now seen in countries around the world. Recently, Komatsu handed over the first set of trucks compatible with biodiesel.

At this year’s Bauma, Komatsu is set to display 27 products, and showcase innovations such as its latest in electrification. The manufacturer will also highlight its new ICT software and wireless monitoring technology.

As a result, Komatsu will be able to better log, track, and display its operations, thereby reducing operating costs. In addition, the company has been testing its own biodiesel ethanol blends.

From its newest machine to its most recent innovations, Komatsu is always looking for new ways to improve its offerings and create new value for its customers. To that end, it will be on hand to demonstrate how its latest technologies can be applied to the mining industry.

Safest on the market

Komatsu HD785-8 is a rigid dump truck designed to deliver the highest levels of performance and safety. The truck features an advanced monitoring system that provides a 360-degree bird’s-eye view.

This system includes six cameras and a separate monitor. When objects are detected, the operator is given an audible alert and a visual alert on the cab monitor.

The truck offers excellent brake retardation, and is equipped with a DR-1000DT advanced retarder braking system, which shares retarding force between all four wheels. It also reduces tyre-lock and helps the operator focus on steering.

Another feature of the HD785-8 is a fast fill coupler that allows the operator to quickly fill the truck with fuel. An optional anti-lock braking system is also available.

Both systems offer excellent brake retardation and acceleration. A new machine immobilization function prevents the operator from taking off the truck before disconnecting jumper cables.

Komatsu’s traction control system, standard on the HD785-8, is a key component that provides stability and improved maneuverability on soft surfaces.

It also applies pressure to the independent brake assemblies. These are then distributed to the wheels, thereby improving traction.

The Komatsu HD785-8 rigid frame off-highway haul truck is a Tier 4 Final compliant dump truck that has a payload of more than 100 tons.

It is designed for high production mining and aggregates applications, and offers the industry’s largest net horsepower.

Designed for optimal comfort for heavy equipment operators, the HD785-8’s cab features a newly-designed stairway for safe access.

Komatsu has been working hard to become a more environmentally-friendly company. They have invested in carbon neutral solutions and are committed to reducing harmful emissions worldwide.

One way they do this is through the use of the Komtrax telematics system. In addition to monitoring operating practices and settings, the system continuously collects key metrics about the machine.

The information is available through the KOMTRAX Plus system, which gives users remote access to maintenance information.

Komatsu has been providing quality equipment for over 100 years, and the HD785-8 is designed to carry out its task to the best of its ability.

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