Onsite Propane Bobtail Truck Tank Repair Certification

Onsite Propane Bobtail Truck Tank Repair Certification

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Onsite Propane Bobtail Truck Tank Repair Certification catdumptruck.com | If you’re looking for a career in onsite propane bobtail truck tank repairs, consider becoming certified.

This course teaches you how to diagnose, repair, and recycle propane tanks. If you’re interested in acquiring this certification, read on to learn more about the MC331 and MC431 courses.

These two programs are the most comprehensive in the industry. They cover every aspect of propane tank repair, including safe handling, maintenance, and storage.

Onsite Propane Bobtail Truck Tank Repair Certification


Onsite Propane Bobtail Truck Tank Repair Certification

PHMSA recently updated the MC 331 onsite propane bobtail truck tank maintenance standards. This final rule changes the MC 331 requalification interval from five to ten years, while also addressing the requirements for pressure tests and internal visual inspections on these bobtail tanks.

The NPGA and its members support the revised MC 331 requalification requirements. The association has also provided cost estimates to PHMSA for the MC 331 requalification test and recommends that a company invest in a certified propane bobtail tank technician.

To qualify for the MC331 onsite propane bob tail truck tank repair certification, the MC331 cargo tank should have less than 3500 gallons of water capacity.

It should also be used in dedicated propane service and be constructed of NQT SA-612, 202, or 455 steel. It should also have the necessary data to pass a full-size equivalent Charpy V-notch energy test, including 75% shear-area ductility at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

The entry team should connect a water injection kit and gauge assembly to the tank. Identify the frost line and volume of the tank. Inject cool water into the tank.

In about two seconds, the water will turn into vapors. The entry team should refrigerate or freeze the water injected. Alternatively, auto refrigeration may be used to freeze the water. These techniques are the same as those used in conventional propane tank repairs.

Propane exists in a pressure vessel in two states. The lower part of the tank is wetted, while the top portion is vapor. If a leak occurs in this area, liquid propane will be released from the tank.

This is an extremely hazardous situation and can hamper the ability to evacuate a victim. Only certified personnel should attempt water injection. Those who complete this training are qualified to perform it.

Onsite Propane Bobtail Truck Tank Repair Certification


If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a career in propane tank repair, MC431 tank repair certification can be beneficial. This certification is vital for onsite repair of propane tanks for fuel delivery trucks.

The process of tank repair involves several steps, including leak detection, visual inspections, EPA/27 tests, upper coupler tests, and pressure tests. Despite this certification’s importance, it’s important to note that the course is not a substitute for on-site tank repair.

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