Used 1 Ton Dump Trucks For Sale Near Me

Used 1 Ton Dump Trucks For Sale Near Me

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Used 1 Ton Dump Trucks For Sale Near Me | If you are looking for used 1 ton dump trucks for sale near you, you have come to the right place.

There are a number of companies online offering you the ability to browse through all kinds of trucks, all available for sale. You can find a number of different brands to choose from, including Ford, GMC, and Ram.

Used 1 Ton Dump Trucks For Sale Near Me

Used 1 Ton Dump Trucks For Sale Near Me

Ford F750 Regular Cab

If you are in the market for a Ford F750 Regular Cab used dump truck, you might be a little confused. This is because there are a lot of different models and options available. However, you will want to make sure that you know what is included in your chosen vehicle.

First, you need to look at the specs. This model has an 8-cylinder engine that puts out 6.7L of diesel. It also has an automatic transmission. In addition, it has 21K rear tires and 10K front tires. The 6.7L is equipped with cruise control.

Second, you should check the cab and body. This model has an 11ft Mason body and 36″ side walls. Also, it has an adjustable steering wheel. You can find a full range of information on this vehicle by visiting your nearest Ford dealership.

Third, you should check the mileage. This model has 31K miles. Depending on the condition of the battery pack and driving conditions, the actual mileage may vary.

Finally, you should check out the accessories. Some of these include a trailer brake controller, auxiliary input jack, and an AM/FM stereo with digital clock. You can also choose a storage bin in the front, a black vinyl floor covering, and black all-weather floor mats.

For more information on the Ford F750 Regular Cab, visit your local Ford dealer. They will be the best source of information for you. Remember to ask them for any questions or concerns that you might have.

All Ford Super Duty trucks are available in several variants. These include F-150, F-250, F-350, F-550, and F-650. Each of these models has a GVWR of 17,950 to 19,500 lbs.

GMC C6500 T/A Chipper

GMC C6500 T/A Chipper is a small truck with a large footprint. It is a hefty beast with a 16 foot bed and an impressive 25,000 lbs of GVW.

The top of the line is a crew cab with a six year extended warranty. This rig has a lot to offer in the way of horsepower, torque and bling. If you are in the market for a new or used workhorse, this is the machine to check out.

As is the case with most vehicles of its kind, the real nitty gritty of the GMC is what lies under the hood. Although the engine is a hefty 2500 horsepower, the engine compartment has been upgraded to include a catalytic converter and a dual stage fuel pump.

There is also a nice suite of safety features, such as remote keyless entry and an electronic parking brake. Likewise, the occupants are protected from the elements thanks to the top down seating arrangement. Another plus is that the truck is serviced by a fleet of competent technicians.

The GMC C6500 is also impressive for its low mileage, which translates into a hefty discount on the usual maintenance bills.

Moreover, it is packed with the most impressive tech, including an oversized CAT diesel engine, a state of the art Allison transmission, and a nifty plow, albeit not in the form of a snow plow, but more like a mud flap.

Used 1 Ton Dump Trucks For Sale Near Me

Godwin 300T 10 Foot Long Mason Dump

If you are looking to purchase a dump body for your truck, there are several different options that you can choose from. Godwin has a number of different bodies that can be purchased.

These include their single axle dump body, which is perfect for hauling medium duty material. They also have a variety of other options, including their stainless steel dump bodies.

The Godwin 300T 10 Foot Long Mason Dump Truck is another option for you to consider. This body is available in a variety of sizes, from 10 feet to 24 feet long.

You can also choose to have it fixed to your chassis. Additionally, you can purchase it in either black powder coat paint or zinc thermoset powder coat primer.

Government auctions

If you are in the market for a used 1 ton dump truck, you have several choices. You can either head to the nearest dealer or visit a number of websites that list auctions for dump trucks. For instance, Municibid has a good selection of governmental vehicles, including a few one ton dump trucks.

Another place to look is Govworld Auctions. This site helps governmental agencies liquidate surplus equipment and assets. With more than seventy years of combined experience, they know a thing or two about selling.

The site is also a great place to look for the best deals. Some of their latest offerings include a 2004 International 7400 tandem axle dump truck, with a plethora of useful features.

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