Volvo Articulated Dump Truck

Volvo Articulated Dump Truck

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Volvo Articulated Dump Truck | The Volvo articulated dump truck was a very innovative design, and in fact the A60H is the world’s largest, and has an onboard weighing system to assist in the weighing process.

In addition to the hydraulic cylinders, Volvo also introduced a retarding/braking system to assist in the handling of large loads.

Volvo Articulated Dump Truck

Volvo Articulated Dump Truck

History of the articulating dump truck

A Volvo articulated dump truck has a unique history that dates back to the 1940s. In that time, a company called Euclid, which was a subsidiary of the Swedish BM, introduced the world’s first rear dumper.

Livab, a Swedish company, also introduced an articulated dumper. They were a precursor to the articulated haulers of today.

The model connected the tractor’s front axle to the trailer unit with a hydraulic steering linkage. This meant the cab and trailer would swing at the same angle.

However, the articulated design proved to be a poor choice for rough terrain. It put stress on the drive-train and chassis. Furthermore, operating the truck in rugged conditions was a trial for the operator.

The earliest articulated dump trucks had a manual transmission and lacked suspension. Eventually, this changed with the introduction of a bogie undercarriage.

Articulated haulers began to gain market acceptance in the 1970s. While they were not ideal for driving in rough terrain, they did have one advantage – they could handle grades up to 35 percent.

Then in the 1980s, Volvo purchased the Kockum Landsverk company. The company developed an articulated dumper that had four-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive.

A few years later, the DR 860, the DR860, and the DR860 Turbo were all produced. The DR860, in particular, has been in operation in California for 48 years.

Today, articulated dump trucks are widely used for a variety of applications, from transporting materials to operating in confined spaces. These trucks are generally faster and more maneuverable than rigid-bodied peers.

The new Volvo A60H articulated dump truck has a 60-ton payload capacity and provides the same off-road capability as smaller trucks. Customers in mining and other industries use this vehicle to avoid building haul roads.

Volvo Articulated Dump Truck

Volvo Articulated Dump Truck

Volvo’s A60H hauler is the world’s largest

The Volvo A60H Articulated Hauler offers an unrivalled operator experience. It has a range of features, including a comfortable cab and on board weighing system.

The Volvo A60H is designed to deliver increased productivity and profitability. It has a payload of 55 tonnes, which is 40% more than the previous largest articulated hauler. Moreover, it can operate in all weather conditions.

Its design includes heavy duty front and rear frames, as well as an all terrain bogie. In addition, the A60H features active hydraulic front suspension.

There is also a dump support system, which improves performance on a dumping spot. This system monitors the side inclination of the truck and automatically applies the traction controls.

Volvo Construction Equipment is showcasing the A60H at bauma trade show in Munich. Its impressive capability and payload will allow it to haul tons of material over rough terrain. At the same time, the machine’s matched drive train and long service intervals are expected to reduce operating costs.

The machine is backed by a Lifetime Frame and Structure Warranty. In addition, it offers improved fuel efficiency and ease of operation. It also has an On Board Weighing System and a range of new standard features.

The A60H also has a hill assist feature that helps keep the truck in place on steep slopes. It is activated automatically when the truck reaches a standstill on a hill. If the operator wants to accelerate, the feature is disengaged.

Volvo has a strong global market share. The company is the world’s leading manufacturer of articulated haulers. With its innovative technology, it has dominated the market since the 1960s. Besides, it has a great network of dealerships, which offer customized Customer Support Agreements.

Volvo’s FS models put hydraulic cylinders in place of the mechanical connections

The articulated dump truck is a popular choice for hauling materials over a variety of job sites. The ability to swivel the frame by 20 degrees on each side of the center gives the vehicle flexibility to handle steep inclines.

Volvo Construction Equipment has added new models to its articulated hauler line. These new machines feature a range of patented technologies to improve safety and operator comfort.

The latest F-Series articulated haulers include a patented full suspension and load/dump brake interface. They also use Volvo powertrains that are well-suited to emissions regulations. This range of trucks is on schedule to receive Tier 4f/Stage IV engines in 2014.

In addition to Volvo’s FS models, other manufacturers have developed articulated dump trucks with hydraulic cylinders.

Trucks with this option replace mechanical connections with the system to ensure the best braking and traction performance.

ADTs also provide a comfortable driver’s environment and low operating costs. These systems offer smoother shifting and a wider range of gear ratios. Using these solutions can help make hauling more efficient in any application.

The E-Series is another model featuring an improved suspension system. It offers replica diesel engine and an open engine compartment. Newly designed lining and insulation materials create a quieter cabin, reducing fatigue.

The Volvo Construction Equipment articulated hauler line includes the A40H and A45G. Both models come with ActiveCare Direct, a service that provides monthly reports on fleet performance and alerts on equipment maintenance. An informational LCD screen displays information on the truck and the driver’s working environment.

Volvo trucks have also developed other drive-train components, including differentials and brakes. This is important when whole body vibration regulations come into play.

Volvo Articulated Dump Truck

Volvo’s onboard weighing system

Volvo has launched an onboard weighing system for articulated dump trucks. This advanced technology offers a number of benefits. It reduces the amount of underloading and overloading and helps operators achieve higher productivity.

The system measures the weight of a load and reports the result on the vehicle’s cab touchscreen. In addition, it can also be used in a project mode to monitor production against set targets.

The OBW is available on 35 and 40 ton F-Series articulated haulers. It also features a load indicator light that can be set to the site’s needs.

An onboard weighing system also helps to increase fuel efficiency. When using the system, the truck’s weight is measured via sensors in the suspension systems.

As the truck transports loads, it logs the data and can be accessed by the operator remotely through the CareTrack telematics system.

Onboard weighing on Volvo A35G through A60H haulers is a standard feature. Depending on the application, this technology can help drivers save time and money.

The On Board Weighing System for the Volvo A40G and A45G articulated dump trucks has been integrated with a new load monitoring system. These models are powered by turbocharged six-cylinder Volvo engines.

The system uses a full-suspension pressure sensor to measure weight. In addition, coloured bars on the display help the operator to visualize the bucket load. Simple graphics are also displayed to show the amount of tons per hour and carryback.

In addition to this, the Dump Support System allows the operator to set safe dumping parameters. A percentage of the side inclination is displayed as well. By eliminating underloading and overloading, the OBW can also reduce the need for reweighing.

Volvo Articulated Dump Truck

Volvo’s retarding/braking system

Volvo’s retarding/braking system for articulated dump trucks enables the operator to easily and quickly apply service brakes and load and dump brakes.

Combined, this technology reduces loading cycle times and provides an easy and smooth transition from the loader to the dumper.

ADTs are fully equipped with full wet disc brakes on all wheels. They also have automatic traction control and differential locks. These features provide a comfortable driving environment and low operating costs.

Articulated dump trucks were introduced in Sweden in the mid-1950s. Their original function was to haul aggregate, soil, and other waste products. But, as the industry matured, these trucks evolved into other applications as well.

Early versions of articulated dump trucks lacked suspension and had a manual transmission. However, technological innovations have continued to improve performance and reliability. Today, manufacturers of these vehicles offer a wide variety of models.

With an articulated dump truck, you can move waste in challenging underfoot conditions. The self-compensating hydraulic system in these vehicles is especially useful in confined dumping areas. In tightly turning haul roads, this system makes it possible to maneuver the trailer and dumper accurately.

Volvo’s F-Series articulated dump trucks are equipped with a proven articulated steering system that allows for safe control in high hauling speeds.

Its award-winning onboard weighing system is an added advantage, as it relays load weight information to the onboard software.

When the truck reaches the nominal weight, three load indicator lights will alert the operator. After that, the machine will shift to neutral and engage its service brakes. This is done by pressing a button in the cab.

On Volvo’s latest F-Series machines, dumping functions have been upgraded. In addition, the truck’s heavy-duty front and rear frames are designed for severe off-road operation.

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