1987 GMC Dump Truck

1987 GMC Dump Truck

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1987 GMC Dump Truck catdumptruck.com | There are a lot of different types of 1987 GMC dump trucks on the market.

These include the Bison, Sierra and Fisher X-Blade. Each has its own unique characteristics, which are discussed in this article.

1987 GMC Dump Truck


1987 GMC Dump Truck

GMC pickup trucks offer a wide variety of capabilities and innovative features to help you complete any job. Whether you need a small four-wheel drive truck for a weekend project, or a large, heavy-duty commercial vehicle for your business, you’ll find it with GMC.

GMC’s pickup trucks offer a variety of unique two-tone paint schemes to choose from. Red/blue gradient graphics were found on GMC’s short-bed models, while the long-bed models featured a white body with a red stripe.

The grille texture and front end of the trucks varied with each model, and the company’s trademark Eagle decals were animated.

In the late 1970s, General Motors and Volvo AB began a joint venture to produce heavy-duty trucks. These vehicles were sold under the WhiteGMC brand.

A new C/K full-size pickup was launched in 1988. The Chevrolet C70 features a 6.0-liter V8 gas engine. It also offers a four-speed manual transmission.

With a single rear axle, the truck has a gross vehicle weight of 33,400 pounds. When equipped with a tandem rear axle, the truck has a GVW of 50,000 pounds.

For added versatility, GMC offered an optional trailering package and a crew cab with seating for two passengers. A new rear cargo light was added to GMC pickup trucks.

GMC trucks continued to refine their aerodynamic and high-performance styling. In 2001, GMC introduced the Terracross “SUV of Tomorrow”.

In 2007, GMC released a new parallel hybrid truck for retail sale in North America. The Parallel Hybrid Truck (PHT) features four 120-volt 20-amp AC outlets that are located under the rear seat. It was available in Washington and Alaska, but discontinued in 2008.

GMC redesigned the GMC Yukon XL in 2009. This model was available with a two-row Crew Cab, which combined car-like convenience with truck utility. To complement this design, GMC added a restyled Savana van.

As with all of GMC’s truck models, the company incorporated new technology to enhance performance and comfort. Some models, such as the Safari van, feature garage-able interiors.

Throughout its 100-year history, GMC has maintained a reputation for excellence. By reinforcing this image with a range of trucks that are designed to tackle any task, GMC has become the truck builder of choice.

1987 GMC Dump Truck


1987 GMC Dump Truck

The Chevy Bison was a longtime contender for the title of best truck, with the sexiest cab to boot. While it certainly didn’t break the bank, it did come with a few kinks, mostly the dreaded occupant count.

It also had a short shelf life, something that should be a given for a company with such a storied history. That being said, its heyday was a good time.

In the heyday of the golden age of the auto industry, General Motors had it all, and when it came to heavy duty trucks, GMC was no different.

The company had its fair share of misses in the late 70s and early 80s, but thanks to a few lucky customers and some smart engineering it kept chugging along.

During the aforementioned golden age, it had the honor of being the largest automobile manufacturer in the United States.

This meant big shoes in terms of sales, but with a smaller joe in the driver’s seat GM’s new competitor Chrysler, the GMC marquee was a tad understaffed. Luckily, a sprinkling of GM’s more pragmatic rivals were around to help out, most notably Chrysler and Ford.

1987 GMC Dump Truck


GMC Sierra is a full-size pickup truck sold in the United States and several other countries. It is a very reliable vehicle. The first GMC pickup truck was introduced in 1930. After decades of service, the name has changed many times but the truck is virtually unchanged.

The 6.0 L Vortec gas engine runs as new, and it’s smooth to drive with a plow on. This is especially helpful in the construction industry, where extra power is a must for accessories.

Other features of the GMC Sierra 1500 include air conditioning, a tilt wheel, On-Star, and an AM/FM/CD stereo. These trucks are available in four-door crew cab and extended cab configurations.

Another interesting feature is the Parallel Hybrid Truck (PHT), which is a micro-hybrid design. It features an electric motor that restarts the engine when the brake pedal is released.

In addition, the engine shuts off when the truck is in a stop. PHTs were offered at retail in Alaska, Oregon, and Florida in 2005.

One of the newest Chevy Silverado truck models is the High Country. It comes with an optional Duramax V8 diesel. Also, the “Denali” package is a luxury variant of the Silverado. A few other special editions are the Midnight HD Edition, Rally Edition 1, and Rally Edition 2.

There are two other models that were introduced in the late ’90s: the 1500HD and the 2500HD. They are built on the same chassis but have different suspension packages. For example, the HD offers 360 lb*ft (488 N*m) of torque at 4000 rpm.

The 2010 Silverado & Sierra models received a full mid-cycle refresh. The exterior was updated and new interior door panels were added. Additional cup holders were also added. Lastly, the front fascia was shortened mid-way through the 2009 model year.

Despite its mediocre performance in a frontal crash test, the Silverado received a Good rating from the IIHS. Aside from that, the only real difference between the two is the engine.

Although the 2010 Silverado & Sierra may not have changed much, the GMT900 generation of the truck was introduced in 2007. The new model has a redesigned frame, a redesigned interior, and more power.

1986 GMC Dump Truck

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