1988 GMC Dump Truck

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1988 GMC Dump Truck catdumptruck.com | If you’re looking for a classic, then you may want to consider investing in a 1988 GMC dump truck.

It’s an old dump truck that can get you back to work, but you can also use it as a collector’s item. Whether you decide to purchase a new one, or keep it as a collector’s item, you’ll find that it’s just as fun and as durable as the day you bought it.

1988 GMC Dump Truck

It’s a collector’s piece

1988 GMC Dump Truck

When GMC released its first race car carrier truck in 1988, it was a new, innovative design that had a lot of potential to be a collector’s piece.

The trailer for the truck carries a Formula style friction-powered race car that can be operated by a switch on the truck’s side. It was a regional special offered only in California.

The truck was based on the Chevy Scottsdale Bonanza, but was limited to C/K 20 configurations. A three-spoke leather steering wheel was available, as well as unique upholstery, forged aluminum wheels, whitewall tires, a floor console that doubled as an ice chest, and color-matched bed rails.

The truck comes with its original build sticker. The owner states that the truck “drives like new” and that it has been regularly moved in his yard. The paintwork is good and the truck is fully functional, but the exhaust will need some work.

The box of this truck is mostly dark green with a few red accents. The headlights and taillights are operational. There is a gas pump on the box and it has a fuel oil tanker. The box also has pictures of Hess service stations.

The Hess tanker box is in good condition. The box is one-piece and slides out of the side end flap opening. The tanker has a removable hose and fuel tank, and the hose has wear indicators. One downside is that it cannot be filled with water like the 1964/5 edition. Nonetheless, the box is worth a great deal.

The Hess gas station box features an image of the truck on each side, along with the Hess logo. This box is also sold in a Chinese version for $60.

The box of this truck is one of the rarest in the line. Because of the red velvet base, it is difficult to find a mint-in-box. That said, if you can find it in mint condition, it is a great buy. You’ll need to pay a little more for a smooth coat version.

While the 1980 Hess truck is not as collectible as its predecessors, it is still very popular. In fact, it has chrome bumpers, taillights, and working headlights.

Plus, it has a 12-inch white GMC RV with green accents. If you’re a serious collector, you’ll want to get the truck in all three versions.

The truck also has a trailer that has a pintal hitch for tow hooks, and a 2V air compressor with a Honda motor. This truck has a Caterpillar 3126 diesel engine. However, you’ll need to pay a little more if you want to get it with an exhaust system.

Collectors love these trucks, but they’re not cheap. Some have gone for up to $8,500. Even though these trucks haven’t had a lot of use, they’re in high demand and are likely to increase in value over time. Given the cost of trucks today, it’s probably a smart investment.

1988 GMC Dump Truck

It’s a classic

1988 GMC Dump Truck

If you’re looking for a classic vehicle that will bring a smile to your face each time you get behind the wheel, you should consider investing in a 1988 GMC truck.

These are among the finest classic trucks available, and they’re also one of the most affordable. Aside from the cost of owning one, you’ll be rewarded with years of service.

The GMC truck of the day has a wide array of options. It can come with two or four wheel drive, and a gas or diesel engine.

In addition to the standard cab, you can select an extended cab, which is a fancy term for a truck that offers a more spacious interior.

You’ll also have the option of choosing an 8 foot bed or a 6 1/2 foot bed, and if you’re feeling flush, you can even get the W-4500 with a 5.2 liter turbo diesel.

One of the things that make the ’88 GMC Topkick C70 special is its independent front suspension. This system is not commonly found in a pickup, but it makes for a more comfortable ride, especially on bumpy roads.

Another fun fact about this truck is that it was manufactured at the venerable Pontiac East Assembly in Pontiac, Michigan.

This was the location of the first General Motors factory to build a full sized conventional cab, and the largest production ruck ever to be built by the company.

In the late 1980s, consumers began to demand more room in their trucks. So GM got to work on designing a truck that did just that. Although the design was not quite the most innovative in its time, the resulting vehicle was still a winner.

For the same reason, the Chevy Advance Design series of trucks is also worth a mention. Its 3.5 liter I-6 engine was one of the most powerful in its class, and it also produced an impressive 78 horsepower.

Not only did the Advance Design model have a larger engine, but it also had a fancy steering wheel and an instrument panel.

Unlike most of today’s trucks, which require a major overhaul, the aforementioned Chevy Advance Design’s 3.5 liter I-6 was able to maintain its power over a period of months and miles.

Moreover, it was able to produce a surprisingly impressive 238 pounds of torque. Compared to the competition, this is a pretty good feat, and it’s no wonder that this particular model has achieved a very high resale value.

While the ’88 GMC truck may be on the older side, it’s been driven 200,000 miles without the need for major repair. It’s certainly not the cheapest truck out there, but the fact that it is a classic, and has been used on a regular basis, means that it should definitely be considered for a purchase.

1987 GMC Dump Truck

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