3500006 MTD Lawn Tractor

3500006 MTD Lawn Tractor Accessories

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MTD 3500006 Lawn Tractor Accessories, catdumptruck.com | If you have a 3500006 mtd lawn tractor, you may be wondering what accessories you can add to it. You may be looking for replacement blades for your mower, a throttle box replacement, or a chipper/vac/dump cart.

Perhaps you are looking to upgrade to a hydro drive/lift. Here’s what you need to know about these accessories for your lawn tractor.

Replacement Blades for a 3500006 mtd Lawn Tractor

If you own a model of Powr Kraft 18/42 Model TMO3500006 lawn tractor, you need to buy replacement blades for it.

These blades are not the star-shaped blades that are used for lawn tractors, but they will work for your Powr Kraft lawn tractor. Make sure that you get the blades with the right sharpening edge.

Need to Replace Throttle Box

Need to replace throttle box on 3500006 model MTD lawn tractor? Then, you’ve come to the right place! This OEM part is black and metal, and it can be installed with a wrench and socket.

This is a fairly easy part to replace, and you can do it yourself! Read on to learn how! And, if you want to get the job done right, here are some simple steps:

3500006 MTD Lawn Tractor Accessories

Interested in chipper/vac/dump cart

3500006 MTD Lawn Tractor

Interested in the MTD lawn tractor chipper/vac/dumping cart? Find the parts to repair your lawn tractor, and keep it running smoothly.

This chipper is a great tool for compounding and recycling yard waste. MTD chippers are made with high-quality components to ensure that they work for years to come. Parts are available at the MTD Part Finder.

Hydro drive/lift

The Hydro drive/lift on your is probably the most important part of your tractor. While you are mowing, it can be difficult to see the problem. The problem is most likely related to the transaxle.

Check the rear wheel’s position. It should be tilted upward and the blade should be sharp. If you notice a sharp edge at the corner of the blade, you may need to replace the blade.

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