Tractor Splitting Stand

Tractor Splitting Stand

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Why You Need a Tractor Splitting Stand, | If you work in a tractor repair shop, you’ll need a sturdy, durable tractor splitting stand.

Heavy duty models are ideal for industrial applications and come with 2 stages of lifting and 1″-5 acme threaded rods. Jacks slide in and out to accommodate varying widths and lengths and can be repositioned for wall storage.

A couple of options are available to suit the needs of any repair shop, including one that is portable and easily adjustable.

Tractor Splitting Stand

Heavy duty

Tractor Splitting Stand

If you’re in the business of repairing tractors, you’ll need a heavy duty tractor splitting stand. This piece of equipment has two levels of lift and features 1″-5 acme threaded rods for easy adjustment.

It features a pivoting jack that allows you to change positions with ease. The jacks slide in and out of the rail and are repositioned for wall storage. Several other benefits of this piece of equipment include anti-deformation and anti-corrosion properties.

This Splitting Stand Kit comes with two separate stands and two metal wheels. The jacks and stands move independently on the rail and are equipped with locking lugs and leveling jacks.

Each front stand is equipped with an adjustable brace and a leveling jack, and features large setscrews to lock into place.

All units have smooth metal wheels and two stand pairs. They have the ability to split a tractor safely and conveniently.

The attachment comes with an adjustable width and two hydraulic jacks for easy lifting and lowering. The center pin pulls out of the cross beam, making it easy to lift one side without unbolting the other.

The heavy-duty tractor splitting stand weighs around 260 pounds, and will need to be shipped via freight delivery. It will work with Farmall A, B, and C tractors. The height of this stand will adjust from 1485 to 3925 inches.

The John Deere Servicegard Tractor Splitting Stand is designed for use by service technicians. Whether you split a tractor for maintenance or repair, this stand will be an excellent addition to your equipment collection. It’s great for any make or model of tractor. Here’s how it works:

Fits Most Tractors

A popular tractor is a great choice for most people. These tractors are compact and can be easily handled. They are also perfect for interior work, such as delivering hay to stalls.

While you should choose a powerful tractor with enough horsepower and operating capacity to get the job done, consider its capacity to lift and lower implements.

Depending on the type of work you want to perform, you can use a smaller tractor to carry out different tasks. You can explore the lineup of John Deere compact tractors to find one that fits your needs.

Choose a tractor with multifunctionality in mind. The one size fits all approach does not pay off in the long run, so be sure to know what you need it for before buying it.

You may want to invest in a tractor specialized for a particular task, instead of a compact utility tractor for a small farm. Likewise, a heavy-duty tractor might not be the best choice for a landscaping operation or a large farm.

For smaller properties, consider purchasing a subcompact tractor. The John Deere 1 Series sub-compact tractor can fit into a standard garage and has horsepower in the low to mid-20s.

It can handle light attachments and is highly maneuverable. It is also perfect for smaller tractors. A subcompact tractor is also an excellent option for people on tight budgets. A subcompact tractor can do a variety of tasks and is ideal for home use.

Before choosing a lawn tractor, consider the mowing height of your tractor. Most lawn tractors are adjustable to cut grass as low as 1 inch and as high as four or five inches.

You can adjust the mowing height by hand levers or hydrostatic dials. If you’re not sure of the height of your deck, a higher or lower mower will fit your needs. There are other important factors to consider before purchasing a lawn tractor.

Tractor Splitting Stand

Can be Used in Repair Shops

While many car owners can live without a basic battery charger, a shop must always have a jump box. While cheap jump boxes might be cheaper, they don’t always last as long and won’t work as well when towing or starting a car.

The same goes for drain pans. Large aluminum baking trays are great for catching spills because they are thick and easy to slide underneath hard-to-reach spots.

Make sure the repair shop is registered with the DOS. You can find the registration information of your auto shop by searching online or calling DOS.

Also, make sure the shop offers a written estimate before they start work. An estimate should clearly state the condition your car is in, the parts needed, and the expected labor charge.

A written estimate should also state that if the estimate exceeds the allotted time or money limit, they will contact you before proceeding with the repair.


To split a tractor, you need a sturdy, well-constructed stand. A tractor splitting stand should be heavy-duty and adjustable in width.

It should be made of heavy-duty iron and feature two hydraulic jacks for easy lifting and lowering. A splitter should have a center pin that can be pulled from the cross beam to release one side of the tractor. You must purchase this equipment from a reputable source as it weighs more than 260 pounds.

Tractor Splitting Stand


A tractor splitting stand supports the front end of a tractor when it is split into two pieces. The stand includes two pairs of arms, an axle, and a connecting bar.

One arm is attached to the frame of the tractor, while the other has a tension means that secures the arm to the tractor.

The axles and the first arms support the weight of the tractor, while the second arm pivotally attaches the wheel assembly to the front axle of the tractor.

A tractor splitting rail with stands is made of heavy-duty iron that is anti-corrosion, anti-deforming, and rust resistant.

The stands are constructed with two splitting jack stands and a 118-inch rail that can support up to 10,000 pounds. The splitter is portable and can easily be moved from one tractor to another. The stands are easy to assemble and take apart, and they are also made of durable steel for long-term use.

Another feature to look for in a tractor splitting stand is a steel rail. This supports the weight of the tractor and provides a level surface for work.

The second arm is secured to the front of the tractor by a lockable plate. The height of the stands can be adjusted through an adjustment screw.

The height can be adjusted from 19.6″ to 23.6″ and optional 4″ extension is available. The height of the stands can be increased to 33″ by adding the optional 4″ extension.

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