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What to Look For in a Flatbed Dump Truck

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What to Look For in a Flatbed Dump Truck catdumptruck.com | There are several different types of dump trucks on the market. They include U-shaped, articulated and off-highway dump trucks.

Regardless of the type you choose, there are some common features you should look for. These include weight and axle limitations.

What to Look For in a Flatbed Dump Truck

Weight and axle limitations

Flatbed Dump Truck

The weight and axle limitations of a flatbed dump truck depend on the number of axles and the axle spacing. It also depends on the axle and tire width.

For example, a utility truck with a rated tire width of 10 inches and 10 feet of spacing would have a maximum gross weight of 38,000 pounds. If the tires are rated at 700 pounds per inch, the maximum axle weight would be 28,000 pounds.

In addition, a tandem rear drive steer axle cannot carry more than 52,000 pounds. Emergency vehicles, which are also tandem, cannot exceed 62,000 pounds.

On Interstates, the weight limit on a tandem axle is 34,000 lbs. If two or more consecutive axles are spaced more than 40 inches apart, the gross weight is limited to 17,000 lbs.

The maximum axle weight is also dependent on the wheelbase. A three-axle vehicle could have a maximum allowable gross weight of 42,000 to 60,000 pounds. A four-axle trailer would be limited to 58,500 lbs. This weight is determined by the Federal Bridge Formula.

Although weight and axle limitations of a flatbed truck vary from state to state, most states have a general law that regulates the weight of a load.

Depending on the law, the Department of Transportation may post weight limits on light-traffic roads. Some states have specific weight limits for public vehicles such as refuse collection trucks.

Axle weights on highways do not include the weight of a load or vehicle in the unloading area. They also do not apply to vehicles on bridges.

However, the Department of Public Safety will assess a civil penalty against the owner of the vehicle if the weight limit is exceeded.

Off-highway dump trucks share little resemblance to highway dump trucks

Flatbed Dump Truck

Off-highway dump trucks are a little different from their highway counterparts. They are designed to perform more rugged jobs such as mining and quarrying. Their main advantage is the capability to lift their load out of the ground.

They are generally equipped with a pull hook to help another vehicle move the truck. Another benefit is the ability to tilt the container. This can be useful for dumping smaller loads.

Aside from the obvious, many off-road dump trucks are outfitted with ice melt hoppers to provide traction on slick surfaces. They are also fitted with salt spreaders to keep material clean.

The best type of flatbed dump truck will depend on the kind of materials the truck is hauling. Generally, steel body types are suitable for heavier load, while aluminum ones are more fuel efficient.

Some off-highway dump trucks are made as a standard work truck with a dumping flatbed. A special permit is required to transport these kinds of loads on the road. Other off-road dump trucks are more similar to highway dump trucks, such as the ADTs.

Many of these off-highway dump trucks are outfitted with a fifth wheel, which is a trailer connection that pivots around the hitching mechanism. These can be helpful in connecting with numerous trailers of different sizes and shapes.

A standard dump truck is a big street legal truck that can move a large amount of materials. Most have a small wheelbase for maneuverability. They have a hydraulically adjustable bed and front steering axles.

It is possible to get a superdump truck, which is like a standard straight-axle dump truck, except it has an extra trailer, a liftable load-bearing axle, and a few other things.

Double and triple bottom dump trucks

Flatbed Dump Truck

Double and triple bottom flatbed dump trucks are specialized types of hauling vehicles. These types of trucks can be customized to meet your specific needs. They are characterized by their heavy payloads and maneuverability.

Most of the dump trucks used today are hydraulically operated, but some are purely mechanical. If you’re planning on purchasing one, you’ll want to inspect its lift mechanism. It should be free of leaks and cracked parts. Also, check its gauges.

Unlike standard dump trucks, double and triple bottom flatbed dump trucks have an additional trailer attached to it. This gives the driver the ability to load materials in windrows without having to leave the cab. The extra trailer also increases the payload of the dump truck.

Triple bottom dump trucks have two full trailers, which are attached to a single axle tractor. Although this configuration can be very easy to maneuver, it is difficult to reverse. However, it’s ideal for carrying multiple types of materials.

Bottom dump trucks have a clamshell type dump gate. These gates can be opened in the front, middle, and rear. When the dump gate is open, the material can be spread evenly throughout the dump body.

Superdump trucks are similar to regular straight axle dump trucks, but they have extra axles for greater payload. They can also be fitted with steerable lift axles, which allows them to maneuver turns without difficulty.

These dump trucks are commonly used in the US. Manufacturers like Peterbilt, Kenworth, and Volvo offer them in various sizes and capacities. Some have diesel engines and others have electric or hybrid powertrains.

Depending on the type of truck, the tailgate can swing up or down. It also can have a spring suspension.

U-shaped dump trucks

U-shaped flatbed dump trucks are a good way to transport construction waste. They are designed to offer durability and impact resistance, along with clean and smooth unloading. These trucks are also known as tub-body trucks.

There are several different types of dump boxes. They are available in two main styles: the half-round or the rectangular.

It is up to you to choose the right one for your job. If you’re in the market for a new truck, here’s what to know about each style.

The traditional rectangular style has a lower center of gravity and offers the most floor space. However, its high lift tailgate can be a tad more difficult to maneuver than its half-round counterpart.

On the other hand, the half-round design boasts a smaller total weight and improved payload capacity. Moreover, it doesn’t require cross members to support the body. This makes it a good choice for a wide range of jobs.

Alternatively, the semi-elliptical style combines the half-round and the rectangular shape. However, it’s still a bit of a hybrid.

Lastly, there is the trailing axle, which is a far superior design. Aside from the obvious reason that it spreads the load out over a wider area, it also saves money on taxes.

The front of the box uses a single hydraulic piston to lift the box. The resulting lifting force loads the cargo in an impressive fashion.

To keep the cargo in place, the box is also shaped to prevent it from spilling. In addition, the box is designed to evenly stress the tires, which helps to extend the life of each tire.

Choosing the right dump truck depends on the job. Some industries, such as mining, require more rugged trucks. Nonetheless, you’ll want to consider all the features of a particular style before making a purchase.

Articulated dumpers

Articulated dumpers for flatbed dump trucks are heavy equipment that are designed for transporting materials. They are generally used in construction and mining industries.

These trucks are available with a wide range of specialty bodies for different conditions. ADTs also offer the benefits of higher maneuverability and better handling, making them perfect for hauling materials over rough terrain. Unlike rigid dump trucks, articulated haulers operate well in tight corners and slipper conditions.

The articulated dumper is a specialized form of dump truck, made of an all-wheel-drive chassis and a permanent power unit. During operations, the truck pivots at an articulation joint, which is a hinge between the cab and the rear part of the chassis.

Depending on the size of the articulated dumper, it can carry a load of up to 50 metric tons. It also has the flexibility to make small radius turns.

Historically, articulated dump trucks have a smaller turning radius than rigid dump trucks. This makes them ideal for hauling over a narrow passage or a job site with tight corners.

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The hydraulic rams on the articulated dumper pivot from front to back, allowing it to turn with more accuracy. It also has a self-cleaning ejector mechanism that lets material flow out on the go.

Today, some of the top manufacturers of these trucks include Hydrema, Dieci, Fiori, Bergmann, and SANY. In addition, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set requirements for safety equipment in articulated dump trucks.

Because they are able to operate over a wider range of terrains, articulated dumpers are used to transport materials in an assortment of industries. For instance, they are useful for mining and construction projects, and they can even be used on roadways.

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